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We are excited to bring IVF as an option for embryo production. Champion has begun an affiliate program with Flying Cow Genetics to which Champion Genetics will collect unfertilized oocytes from donor cows and are transported to Flying Cow Genetics to be fertilized and grown. The short 5 day IVF process starts with a pre-screening, follicle-stimulating hormone administration, and aspiration of your donor. IVF offers a fast and efficient way to make embryos whether your donor is pregnant or open. We look forward to helping improve your genetics. 


            There are obvious advantages to IVF. With IVF, you can collect from the donor every two weeks thus allowing you to obtain more embryos from a donor, plus you can collect from pregnant donors in their first trimester. Additionally, one unit of semen can be used to fertilize multiple donors or multiple sires can be used on one donor’s aspiration, cutting the cost of breeding. Also, with IVF younger heifers and older cows can be used. Finally, boarding costs can be reduced since donors do not have to be housed as long between cycles as compared to conventional flushing protocols.


          At Champion Genetics, the IVF process begins by screening the donor. Then two days prior to aspiration, we administer a follicle stimulating hormone to the donor. On aspiration day, we collect the oocytes (unfertilized eggs) using an ultrasound probe and needle guide. The following day, the oocytes are fertilized with semen then cultured in an incubator for seven days. Eight days after oocytes are collected, embryos counted and graded then frozen or transferred fresh into recips. A very simple explanation for a complex process.

 In-Vitro Fertilization Services____________________________________

  Donor Collection Fee              $450.00 (drug charge included)

  Donor Prescreen Exam         $30.00

  Embryo Production Costs     $125.00 for 1-6 embryos

                                                       $100.00 for 7-10 embryos

                                                       $50.00 for 11+ embryos

  Freeze Fee                                 $65.00 per embryo                            

                                                       $650.00 maximum charge per mating (10)

  Multiple Sire Fee          $150.00 for each additional sire used per donor

Please contact cowbarn at 903.368.3397 or Chace at 512.657.5440