AI, Flush or Embryo Transfers

AI Breeding

Cow Housing $8.00 a day

Syncronization $34.00

Breeding $25.00

Flush for Embryos

Cow Housing $8 a day (15-17 days)                           

Sync and Super Ovulation  $280                                       

Breeding  $50                                                                         

Collection  $250                                                             

Embryos (6 average) $55 each                                     

Embryo Transfer       

Cow Housing $8 a day (15-17 days)

Sync  $34

Transfer $55 for Direct Thaw

Transfer $75 for 3 step Glycerol


Processing Charges

If a prompt payment history has been established by an existing custom account, then CHAMPION GENETICS, INC. will continue to service that account under its current credit policy.  However, if a custom account has been chronically in arrears or if a new custom account is being established, then a total prepayment of all projected charges will be required prior to any collection efforts.  Credit card billing can be arranged if payment in this manner is preferred.