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ET Services Available

At Champion Genetics we believe in the best quality. Champion utilizes Conventional, or In Vivo embryo collections to produce the most healthy and hearty embryos. Each Donor is examined for their reproductive soundness before the initiation of each protocol. Animals are handled well throughout the entire process to help minimize the stress of the animal. Estrous is observed and breedings are timely, in order to ensure success on flush day. Each individual animal's performance is tracked for adjustments that may be needed next time so we can strive to keep improving upon production. All embryos for freezing are frozen for direct transfer. However, we are able to assist you with any other embryos you may want transferred that are frozen through the varying methods. We believe in the Embryo Transfer process as a powerful production tool to propagate offspring of your valuable and beloved cows! We look forward to speaking with you soon about how we can assist in your reproduction needs!

Contact Logan McWilliams @ 806-240-0230 for any questions on our Embryo Transfer Services or to Schedule.