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  1. Bucks

Champion Genetics has a quality group of collection specialist to collect your whitetail bucks.  They use the proven methods that have been used for decades.

We have a stationary lab with the support of a fully staffed office.  We can collect, process, store and ship all your semen. 

All semen being processed will go through evaluation before freeze, and stress evaluation at 4 hours after the freeze. Champion puts deer semen up at 50 million per straw and use 1/2 cc straws.

We can also collect post mortem.  Please call as soon as possible, so we can provide proper handling instruction.

You Will Be Responsible For The Sedation For Your Animal.

Collection Charges

  1. Mileage:  $2.00 per mile (one way only)
  2. Labor:
    • $300.00 for 1 Buck
    • $450.00 for 2 Bucks
    • $500.00 for 3 Bucks or more 
  3. Semen: $10.00 (up to 60)
  4. Frozen Semen Evaluation: $40.00
  5. Sexing Collection: $300.00 each additional