The CSS Program at CHAMPION GENETICS is at least a 90 day process. Your Bull will be required to stay during that time.


CSS Program is a quarantine process in which a series of tests are preformed to certify your bulls’ semen. CSS Certified semen (recommended for resale) is used to assure buyers your bull is clean of hereditary disease and has been stored correctly.  CSS semen is required for all exports.  Each country has its own qualifications.  We run a broad span of tests to qualify them for a number of countries.

Bulls will need to perform entry test two weeks prior to quarantine.  This can be done at home or at Champion.  After the 14 days and negative results, the bull is placed into Isolation (7 weeks) in which he will go through a series of Camp and Trich tests.  When the series is complete the bull will be moved into the resident barn and collected for export when all the straws are collected we will perform exit tests.  All testing will be done by a USDA certified vet.

Non Exportable bulls will be collected during isolation.  Less testing is required and this saves on housing.

Health certificates are required to export to all countries.  This includes USDA endorsement.   Shipping is additional.  Australia will aggregate at Hawkeye or Elgin to share shipping cost.  Shipping runs $150 (Canada) - $1500 depending on where we ship and how many customers are splitting the cost.

CSS and Export Charges

CSS requirement

***Please do not Vaccinate bulls before arrival due to increased titers on some test***

Entry Health Requirements

  1. Brucellosis : (within 30 days of entry) BAPA, Card or CF

  2. Tuberculosis: (within 60 days of entry)

  3. Leptospirosis: (within 30 days of entry) blood test for 5 common serotypes

  4. BVDV: (within 30 days of entry) antigen capture ELISA, or  Immunoperoxidase

These tests can be run before or after the bull arrives at Champion.

Export requirements will vary from country to country so you will need to declare which countries you are wanting to ship to so the proper additional test can be run.
Please list all possible countries.

  • Housing   $12.00 per day (70-90 days)
  • Lab and collection fee $25.00 per collection 
  • $2.60 per straw
  • CSS only tests $1200.00 (estimate)
  • Document prep for export shipments $250 and $50 for each additional bull to same country.