Classes Fill Up Fast 

Class Dates:  2022

3 days, start Friday at 6 P.M.



Classes begin at

Class Size:


Class Topics Include:

Friday Class 6pm-9pm

  1. Introduction Semen Collection & Processing
  2. Semen Storage & Shipping
  3. Introduction Bovine Anatomy & Physiology
  4. Introduction A.I. technique
  5. Introduction Pregnancy Determination

Saturday Class 8am-12am

  1. Practice with Post Mortem tracks
  2. Live Cattle practice
  3. Practice proper gun placement

Lunch Provided 12pm-1pm

Saturday Class 1pm-4pm

  1. Heat Detection
  2. Heat synchronization
  3. Preparing your cows nutritionally with BCS scoring
  4. Practice loading guns & semen handling
  5. written test

Sunday 8am-12pm

  1. Pregnancy Determination
  2. A.I. Breeding Live Cows
  3. CIDR placement & shot location
  4. BioPryn blood draws for Pregnancy checks

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