Champion Genetics prides itself on its abilities and successes in semen collection of bulls.  Our experienced collection personnel can come to your farm or ranch, or we can perform the collection at our facilities.  

We have multiple jump steers to suit all Bull size.  We also have facilities to accommodate Longhorns, Miniatures and Rodeo stock.  

Our Lab is equipped with knowledgeable staff and modern equipment.  All semen will go through evaluation before freeze, and stress evaluation 4 hour after the freeze.  Champion puts bull semen up at 40 million cells per straw and uses 1/2 cc straws.

DEER (Bucks must be in Hard Horn)

Champion Genetics has a quality group of collection specialist to collect your whitetail bucks.  They use the proven methods that have been used for decades.

We have a stationary lab with the support of a fully staffed office.  We can collect, process, store and ship all your semen. 

All semen being processed will go through evaluation before freeze, and stress evaluation at 4 hours after the freeze. Champion puts deer semen up at 50 million cells per straw and use 1/2 cc straws.

We can also collect post mortem.  It is important that the testicles are removed immediately and placed in a plastic bag wrapped in a towel and placed on a cold pack.  Semen must arrive within 12 hours of removal for best possible results.  Bucks must be in hard horn for this process to succeed.  Please call and let us know you are on the way. 

Please refer to Pricing for Bucks or for Bulls for the breakdown of associated costs.   

Please contact us for additional information or with any questions or concerns.