Heat Expectancy and Gestation Chart

Average Gestation Length and Variances

Artificial Insemination Checklist

  1. Keep breeding kit clean and organized.

  2. Identify cow(s) and check breeding record.

  3. Wash hands.

  4. Have sleeve, sheath, gun, scissors and towels ready before thawing semen.

  5. Prepare water bath @ 95°F and place near tank.

  6. Keep semen below frost line while removing straws for thawing.

  7. Remove straws within 10 seconds.

  8. Shake straw to remove excess Nitrogen and quickly plunge into the water bath for 45 seconds.

  9. Insemination gun and sheath should also be approximately 95°F and not extremely hot or cold to touch.

  10. Dry straw completely and check semen I.D.  Prior to loading gun. 

  11. Clip 1/4" squarely from the end of the straw and apply sheath.  Lock o-ring firmly in place.

  12. Wrap prepared gun in dry paper towel or protective sheath and tuck close to the body.

  13. Clean vulva thoroughly prior to insertion of breeding gun.

  14. Insert insemination gun at 30° angle to avoid urethral opening.

  15. Pass rod through cervix, check location (uterine body) with tip of index finger and slowly deposit 1/2 of semen.

  16. Recheck location and deposit rest of semen.

  17. Slowly remove gun and check for infection, blood and semen feedback inside sheath.

  18. Recheck semen I.D.

  19. Properly dispose of sheath, towels and glove.

  20. Clean gun if needed.

  21. Record breeding information on barn chart and/or other record keeping system.

  22. Recheck temperature of water bath prior to thawing additional straws and repeat the steps listed above.