In House or On Farm

We provide on farm or in house breeding programs.

On Farm

Champion Genetics has experienced AI technicians who can help with synchronization protocols and breeding for large or small groups of cattle.  It can be turnkey or we can supply you with the protocol and we come in to breed.  There are many protocols available varying in length from 9-30 days.  Consult with us well in advance to have the best process for your particular needs.  Champion Genetics has a mobile breed barn which can facilitate fast and efficient breeding of large groups.

In House

Champion Genetics can provide housing and synchronization for your cattle.  We will ultrasound each prospect to insure animal is cycling and ready for synchronization and schedule the best protocol.  We use a gomer bull for heat detection to insure proper time of insemination to achieve the best results.  Talk with our technicians about any of your concerns you may have.  We will be happy to catch heats with any protocol or natural heat.  

Heifers should be 14 months or older and 70% of mature body weight.

Cows should be at least 60 days post-partum.