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The prices show herein are subject to change without notification.  For the most current pricing, please contact our office.

No. Description Price Per Unit
T120 Champion Genetics Caps

$5.00 ea

T175 21" Infusion Tubes (25/pkg) $5.00 Pk
T211 Plastic Palpation Gloves (100/pkg) $23.50 Pk
T214 N-Dex Milking Glove (100/box) $14.00 Box
T215 Super Sensitive Glove $10.00 Box
T216 Continental Brown Glove $10.00 each
CT217 Kane Breeders Sleeve Plus Glove $14.75 Box
CT218 Kane Breeders Sleeve $11.00 Box
T232 Cito A.I. Box $75.00 ea
T235 Cito A.I. Kit $290.00 ea
T247 Lube 8 oz. $4.00 ea
T248 Lube Gallon $17.00 ea
T271 Thaw Thermos with Thermometer $30.00 ea
T273 Warm Thaw Unit 12-VDC $135.00 ea
T274 Warm Thaw Unit dual/digital $155/189
T276 Thermos Liner $15.00 ea
T277 Replacement Cord for T273 $20.00 ea
T278 Thaw Monitor $5.00 ea
T279 Replacement Cord for T274 $12.00 ea
T470 Cito Straw Tip Cutter $5.00 ea
T480 Dial Thermometer $10.00 ea
T481 18" Sheath Covers $10.00 box
T490 12" Sheath Protectors (25/pkg) $5.00 pk
T520 Scrotal Tape $32.00 ea
T540 Liquid Nitrogen Dipper $80.00 ea
T545 Measuring Stick $9.00 ea
T800 Goat Breeding Syringe $85.00 ea
T810 Needles for T800 (100/pkg) $15.00 pk
T820 Sheaths for T800 (25/pkg) $7.50 pk

T360 Rubber Bulb Syringe $0.25 ea
T420 Medium Breeding Gun (1/2 cc syringe) $21.00 ea
T422 Mini Breeding Gun (1/4 cc syringe) $24.50 ea
T423 Spiral Breeding Gun $35.00 ea
T424 Gun Warmer $365.00 ea
T425 Gun Warmer Battery $55.00 ea
T432 Scissors $5.00 ea
T433 Forceps (Stainless) $6.00 ea
T434 Forceps (Plastic) $5.00 ea
T445 Plunger for Medium Gun (T420) $7.00 ea
T450 O-Rings $1.00 ea
T455 Plunger for Mini-Gun (T422) $7.00 ea
T460 Medium Sheaths (50/pkg) $3.00 pk
T461 Universal Sheaths (50/pkg) $3.50 pk
T462 Wrapped Medium Sheaths (50/pkg) $9.50 pk

Wrapped Universal Sheaths (50/pkg)

T464 Continental Sheath $3.50 

T500 Embryo Transfer Syringe $90.00 ea
T502 Sheath Side-Delivery (5/pkg) $13.50 pk
T505 21" Sheath Covers $15.00 box
T506 Styrofoam Thaw Box $5.00 ea

T297 Bovine Beacon (25/box)

$39.00 box

T515 MAC Tail Paint $14.00 ea
T516 Detech-Her Tail Paint $5.00 ea
T530 Kamar Heat Mount Detectors (50/box) $54.00 box
T531 Kamar Adhesive $5.00 Tb
T535 Kamar Heat Mount Detectors (25/box) $30.50 box
T536 Estrus Alert (50/pk) $62.50 pk
T565 Eazi-Breed CIDR (10/box) $110.00 box
T566 CIDR Applicator $18.00 ea

CT603 XC 34/18 (16 wk/1800 straws) $1,025.00 ea
CT605 SC 33/26 (26 wk/486 straws) $966.00 ea
CT613 X (16 wk/600 straws)       $700.00 ea
  Others available by special order  

T700 MVE, SC Canisters $28.00 ea
T701 MVE, SC 43/28 Canisters $34.00 ea
T706 TW, 34HC Canisters $18.00 ea
T707 TW, XT Canisters $17.00 ea
T716 MVE,  XC 34/18 Canisters $28.00 ea
T711 MVE, SC Neckcore $34.00 ea
T712 MVE, XC 43/28 Neckcore $58.00 ea
T715 MVE, XC 34/18 Neckcore $60.00 ea
T717 XC20 Neckcore $37.00 ea
T718 XC20 Canisters $30.00 ea

  Liquid Nitrogen



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