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AI Breeding

Note** Different protocols variey in lengths of stay needed.

           Housing                                                      $8/per day/per cow
           Synchronization                                           $31.00
           Breeding                                                     $25.00 

Embryo Collection

          Housing                                                      $8/per day/per cow
          Super Ovulation                                            $200.00
          Embryo Collection                                         $225.00
          Embryo - Frozen/Transferred                         $55-75.00 EACH
          Synchronization                                            $31.00
          Breeding                                                      $50.00

          Export Washing                                             $15.00 each additional
          Export Testing                                               @ Cost

Embryo Transfer

           Embryo Transfer                                            $55.00
           Glycerol Egg Transfer                                     $75.00
           Synchronization                                             $31.00

         ***All Prices are subject to change without prior notice

Pregnancy Conception Rate Information

What will my pregnancy rate be? Possible outcomes for 50% Pregnancy rate on 4 cows are:

Pregnant                Open
       4                       0

       3                       1

       2                       2

       1                       3

       0                       4

All are possible results and within the 50% pregnancy rate on a 100 cow average. Think of it as a deck of cards with 50 red cards and 50 black cards. When you shuffle the deck and start dealing, there is 50 red and 50 black. It is all in how the cards are dealt.

Keep in mind there are some things that you can do to help put the odds in your favor:

        1.  Is the cow in good condition and on a good mineral program? Thin cows or over weight (fat) cows lower the percent.

           2.   Does the cow have a normal cycle?

        3.   Is the cow updated on vaccines and minerals for 6 months? Was it 30 days prior to breeding?

        4.   Does the cow have a large calf on her side that is putting stress on her? This will lower her energy level?

        5.   Is the climate suitable for breeding? Evening temps above 70 degrees for 30 days and/or degrees below 70 days for less than 30 days are going to lower the conception rate by 20%.

         6.   If the cow internal body temp exceeds 103 degrees in the 1st 30 days of embryo development is at a much higher percent rate of embryonic death.

Champion Genetics CANNOT and WILL not guarantee pregnancy. We work per your instruction at your own risk. We do the utmost to help you achieve your genetic goals and if you have any questions, please ask us. We are here to help guide you through this process.

Champion Genetics Rebreeding Policy:
We will not charge a breeding fee on a cow that are checked within 60 days of breeding and given a “open” result. You are still responsible to pay for all housing, synchronization, and semen. 

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