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The CSS Program at CHAMPION GENETICS is atleast a 90 day process. Your Bull will be here in our housing for that long.
Please have form below filled out by vet prior to delivery to Champion  Genetics.
                                      **** CSS ENTRY FORM**** 
Health Testing Charges

Note:  Prices of health tests are subject to change without any prior notice.  Please call for current rate confirmation. 


  • Entry Test CSS (TB, Brucellosis, Lepto-5 types, BVDV) $90.00
  • CSS (Trich, Campy (6 required one per week) $70.00 per test($420.00)
  • CSS 2nd Test - TB, Brucellosis, Lepto-5, BVD/VI-Semen, BVD/VI-Serum ($170)


  • Entry Test CSS & EXPORT (TB, Brucellosis, Lepto-5 types, BVDV) $90.00
  • CSS & EXPORT (Trich, Campy (6 required one per week) $70.00 per ($420.00)
  • EXPORT 2ND TEST - BVD/semen, BVD/VI /serum, Johnes/CF, IBR/SN, EBL/Elisa, Blue Tongue/Elisa,Johnes/Elisa, Q Fever/CF, Vesticular Stomitius/SN $175.00
  • EXPORT 3RD TEST - Lepto 5, Johnes/CF, EBL/Elisa $60.00
  •  EXPORT 4TH TEST - (60 days after Entry Test) TB, Brucellosis, BT/pcr, EHD, pcr $100.00
  • EXPORT 5TH TEST - BT/pcr, EHD/pcr, EBL/pcr on Semen, IBR/pcr on Semen as required for export country $130.00
  • EXPORT Monthly Blue Tongue/pcr and EHD/pcr as required for export country $100.00
  • Health Certificate $35.00

CSS and Export Charges

CSS requirement

***Please do not Vaccinate bulls before arrival due to increased titers on some test***

Entry Health Requirements

  1. Brucellosis : (within 30 days of entry) BAPA, Card or CF

  2. Tuberculosis: (within 60 days of entry)

  3. Leptospirosis: (within 30 days of entry) blood test for 5 common serotypes

  4. BVDV: (within 30 days of entry) antigen capture ELISA,or  Immunoperoxidase

These tests can be run before or after the bull arrives at Champion.
Isolation Test (* Conducted at least 30 days after pre-entry tests in housing area effectively separate)

  1. Tuberculosis: (after 60 days of entry test)
  2. Brucellosis: (Card or BAPA)*
  3. Brucellosis: (complement fixation)*
  4. Leptospirosis: (blood test for 5 common serotypes)*
  5. Trichomoniasis: (6 weekly test in a row)
  6. Campylobacteriosis: (6 weekly test in a row)
  7. BVD: (virus isolation)*blood
  8. BVD: (virus isolation) frozen semen

The length of time to complete isolation testing at Champion Genetics ranges from 45 to 70 days depending upon when the bull(s) was tested prior to entry and the date he actually enters.

Export requirements will vary from country to country so you will need to declare which countries you are wanting to ship to so the proper additional test can be run.
Please list all possible countries.


  • Housing   $12.00 per day
  • Lab and collection fee $25.00 per collection
  • $2.60 per straw
  • CSS only tests $680.00
  • Export tests $685.00 -$1010.00  depending on country and amount of time to collect desired units for export.  These prices may change without notice.  Please call us for current rates.
  • Document prep for export shipments $175
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