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Champion Genetics is proud to provide this listing of semen for sale:

Angus Charolais Longhorn Simbrah
Red Angus Corriente Maine-Anjou Simmental  
Beefmaster Club Calf Santa Gertrudis   Brangus
Brahman Fleckvieh Romagnola  Wagyu
British White Hereford Shorthorn
Rodeo / Bucking Stock
Miniature Cattle

Please contact us for information and pricing on including your livestock in this listing.

Please click on the photo or the name of the animal below for additional information, including who to contact for purchasing.  Transactions will occur between purchaser and owner, or the indicated designee on that page.  Information should be verified with the owner prior to any transaction.  Champion Genetics is not responsible for any misinformation, typo's, or other errors on these listings. PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.

Photo Name Breed Price/Unit Sire Dam

  Joey  Whitetail  $1500/Straw SilverKing  Wheeler/Dugger

SOR Big Al Akaushi  $35/Straw HB Big Al 502

UKB Ms Hikari Homare J30E


Seisakushu C221 Akaushi  $35/Straw Hikari (FB2455)
TWA Onesan (FB12681)

TMR PowerSource 1D25 Angus $100/Cane EXAR PowerSource 4723B TMR Rita 1A26


Angus $120/Cane TMR Generation 1D28 Texas Lucy 110
   Bar R Jet Black 5063 Angus $40/Straw Connealy Black Granite Bar R Iris Anita 0113
   MJB All Around 6353 922  Angus $15/Straw
Connealy All Around  EF Blackcap 6353 
Jaquay 101 Angus $10/Straw
J & K Pinnacle Taylors Sweet Pamela 1T02
R B Tour of Duty 177 Angus $30/Straw Werner War Party 2417 B A Lady 6807 305
Deer Valley All In Angus $30/Straw A A R Ten X 7008 S A Deer Valley Rita 0274
G A R Retail Product Angus $20/Straw G A R Precision 1680 G A R Ext 4927
Brown JYJ Redemption Y1334 Red Angus $35/Straw Beckton Nebula P P707 JYJ Ms Jolene W16
Beckton Epic R397 K Reg Angus $25/Straw Beckton Epic K F075 Beckton Kit F468 JL
  Beefalo  Beefalo $50/straw

Cassidy Beefmaster $400/Straw
5 straw min
w/ AI Cert with BBU
Total Eclipse Precious Treasures
Sundance Beefmaster $200/Straw
5 straw min
w/ AI Cert with BBU
**Scarlet's Pride **Aristicow
Iceman Beefmaster $75/Straw
5 straw min
9020 Miss Tabasco
Cayenne Beefmaster $30/Straw
5 straw min
$10 per AI certificate
CF French Connection Miss Tabasco

3X-HK "Rio Rojo" 968 (S) Brahman $75/Straw
$50 per with 10 Straws min
HK Polo 757 (Polled) Ms. 3X Red Dynasty


Brahman $10/Straw MR V8 852/5 MISS JG 106

MR BHF 4/8

Brahman $10/Straw MR V8 852/5 MS SOUR CREEK ANNIE 147

Mr Black Diamond


w/ 4 straw min

Lambau Da Belo Vale  2708 Lambau Da Belo Vale 2708 Brahman $70/Straw
min 4 straws
Caramelo 1180 Palmeira
Idioma 1101 Brahman $25.00 per unit
4 unit minimum
Colosso 482 Florida 349
Cherokee Torgson 344 Brahman $60.00 per unit
$5.00 for each certificate
4 unit minimum
Cherokee King 96 Miss Tacuboya 439
Hino 890 Brahman $25.00 per unit
4 unit minimum
Importante Da Maracana 6170 Erva 4586
Herdeiro Brahman $25.00 per unit
$5.00 for each certificate
4 unit minimum
Importante De Maracana 6170 Quirera 7024
Mr. DBar 686/1 Brahman $20/Straw +SCD Didor Esto 302 =SCD Miss Whit 66
Mr. V8 240/6 Brahman $20/Straw +MR. V8 189/4 Miss V8 931/2
Mr. V8 498/7 Brahman

$95/Heifer Sexed 4.0
(10 straw packages)

AI Cert available $50.00

+Mr. V8 380/6 +Miss V8 209/6

  Suhn's Alydar 416N3 Brangus $25/Straw Ali of Brinks 209J2 Miss CC News Day 416E 
  CRC Guardian 9U8U5 Brangus $25/Straw Csonka of Brinks 30R4 Miss 4L Best Bet 9U 
  Henderson of Brinks 30S7 Brangus $20 Conventional
$35 Sexed 2.01
$45 Sexed 5.0
   (all price per straw)
 Lead Gun of Brinks 22K14  Ms Brinks Sonar 30P13 
  CRC Landau 263X2 Brangus $25/Straw LTD of Brinks 415T28  Ms HD Bright Side 263L 
  MC Onstar 924W4 Brangus $25/Straw MC Jethro 00S3 Miss NMSU 924 
  SF Dependence 535U24 Brangus $25/Straw  Suhn's Next Step 331R7 SF Ms Sleep Easy 535R6 
  MC Real Deal 541R3 Brangus $25/Straw TJM John Wayne 44L MB Ms Freight Liner 541K 
  Suhn's Landau 30B19 Brangus $20/Straw CRC Landau 263X2 Suhn's Miss Patton 30X5
  Jesse of Brinks Brangus $20/Straw Brinks Bright Side 607L11 Miss Brinks Best Bet 392K17 
  Natural Design of Brinks Brangus $15/Straw  The Natural of Brinks 535F15 Ms BB Special Addition 75H3 
GC Classic Star 9U8A1 Brangus $15/Straw MC OnStar 924W4 Ms Csonka 9U8U3 
The Gentleman 9U8B6 Brangus $15/Straw CB Passport 803Y11

Ms Csonka 9U8U3

The Watchman of Brinks 302B2

Brangus $15/Straw Brinks Arabela 1038 Ms Brinks Jesse 302T44


JWest's W. W.  Doc     British White $20/Straw USA
$25/Straw Export
DFTX Watson BWCAA Reg# 7041 Wilma T219F BWCAA Reg# 6326

CC/EB Crosswinds 441 ET Charolais 5 straw/$15 Three Trees Wind 0383 ET HF D&D Ms Reality Z4241
EB Mr Mac Duke 002 Charolais $25/Straw
4 straw min
BR Duke 261 CR Miss Mac IV 5107P
WR Good Stuff T641 Charolais $15/Straw Oakdale Duke 9003P WR Ease 4404
  Three Trees Wind 0383 P ET Charolais $225/Straw  Wyoming Wind 4020 Three Trees Nancy 8121 ET
TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET Charolais $35/Straw Thomas Oahe Wind 0772ET P ThomasSwisserSweet1764ET
SC Gladiator 154 Charolais $20/Straw SVY Freedom PLD 307N BLB Miss Cool Rush 913 P
SC White Gold 212 Charolais $20/Straw LT Bluegrass 4017 P SC Ms Duke 123

Bailey I-67 948Y Club Calf Chianina  $25/Straw GOET I-80 BAI Mariah 948W
STF Park Place Club Calf
6.8% Chianina 64.9% Angus
$20/Straw Heat Wave W T F Ruth Medina
GOET I-80 Club Calf
$35/Straw Cowan's Ali 4M BPF Miley 80T
Silverado Club Calf
75% Charolais
Please contact for pricing Alias  
Mankind ET Club Calf
$25/Straw Monopoly 59T

Corriente $15/Straw    
LF Ranch Bull 415 "Ripper" Corriente $62/Straw LF Ranch Bull 920*  Cates Cow 172 

KDZZ Ammadeus 114R Fullblood Fleckvieh Please contact for pricing Great Guns Conrad 12A PRR Natalia J160E
  RTOP Mr Josef 1024W Fullblood Fleckvieh Please contact for pricing Great Guns  Regio 9R ASA#2362572 LBS Ms Reba 408L ASA#2112682


  HH Advance 4055P Hereford $35/Straw (Sexed 2.1) HH Advance 766G HH Miss Advance 9065J 
  HH Advance 5104R Hereford $20/Straw (Conv)  CL 1 Domino 206M HH Miss Advance 153L 
  Metch 0514 Devon Y134 Hereford  $25/Straw with Cert CMR Burks P606 Prime 0514  Metch LP Mini Rose L119 
ILR Peace of Mind 394A Hereford $25/Straw Churchill Sensation 028X KCF MIss Proficient U201
ILR Red Power 456B Hereford $15 Commercial
$35 Registered
Churchill Red Bull 200Z KCF Miss Proficient U201
SHF Zach 023R Z123 Hereford $20/straw with $20 Cert Available KJ C & L J119 LOGIC 023R LOEWEN MISS M326 60U
   Churchill Red Bull 200Z  Hereford  $35/Straw  Churchill Sensation 028X  Churchill Lady 002X ET


Stacked Deck Longhorn Please contact for Pricing WS Jamakizm X Markster
Gringo Longhorn $50/Straw Unlimited x Delta Heaven
Overwhelming Toro Longhorn $100/Straw 10 Straw Min Toro Negro x Cooper's Overwhelmer
RM Super Whirl Longhorn $25/Straw Super Bowl x Cooper's Miss Whirlwind
Sledgehammer Longhorn Please contact for pricing Hunts Command Respect x Carnival (Chuckwagon X Torch)

BK Expedite
Maine-Anjou $30/Straw Stock Broker
BK AT A High 3079
  EBCT Ali Factor
850 U
Maine-Anjou $20/Straw
5 straw min
Cowman's Ali 4M EBCT Lady Rhino 550R
  MCF Mr Warhorse 2 ET Maine-Anjou $25/Straw AHL Double Stuff 306 RW Red Debbie 70
ZNT Moves
like Jagger

Maine- Anjou $25/Straw GVC Suh
ZNT Jenna


RLW 44 Magnum 044P Romagnola $30/Straw RLW 004L RLW 144J

  Bond 007 / RSR  Santa Gertrudis Please contact for pricing PCR Avalanche (ET) PCR Lassie (ET)
  CO-OP 3/9  Santa Gertrudis  $25/Straw Gunslinger FC 2/7
  Wavemaker  Santa Gertrudis Please contact for pricing Harco T158/5 Harco T255/5 
  BSC Wrangler  Santa Gertrudis $25/Straw Top Gun 224 KR 7/18

  LDF Mr. Dependable  Shorthorn $20/Straw with 5 Straw min SULL-GNCC Final Solution  Grande V Sonny Delaney 313 
FSF Starburst 058 Shorthorn $75/Straw FSF Starburst 777 ET Jake's Sierra 2115
sho-me Goldstone 7c15v Shorthorn $25/Unit HD Bloodstone 603 Hogle Farms Goldendrop GP

PRR Accolade 119K Simbrah Please contact for pricing PRR Ranger 212F SCC Ms Fleck B13

  Long's Shear Perfection Simmental  $20/straw  Hooks Shear Force 38K  MCM 514R

                       PrimeLine Z044                            Wagyu               $15/Straw          Itozuru Doi (FB3685)  KR Kiku-085 (FB100065) 

J31A Bodacious Rodeo/ Bucking Stock  $2000/straw    
81 Skat Kat Rodeo/ Bucking Stock  $500/straw 69 Hooter 2 Granny
-6 Rodeo /
Bucking Stock
#163 Cowboy Way Rodeo /
Bucking Stock
Semen available for Export
  Automatic son out of
Cowboy Cash's dam
#507 Super Cruel Rodeo /
Bucking Stock
$200/Straw David Bailey's Super Cool Nightlife Daughter
#539 White Squall Rodeo /
Bucking Stock
$500/Straw 161 White Sports Coat the dam of Strawberry Wine

#708 Sam's Town Rodeo /
Bucking Stock
$100/Straw Broke Back V Wilfong Cow

 Hot Stuff's Lighting Aberdeen Angus

Cert available for $25

MA Hot Stuff RBM Casandra 
 Rafter F Decker's Zoro Miniature Hereford $25/Straw
Cert available for $75
SS Decker Jack JF Max Golden Honey 
Lazy B's Irish Tom Cat Miniature Shorthorn $40/Straw Lazy B's Wee Irish Lad Lazy B's Pioneer Kitten
KSK Red Diamond of Munchranch 
AMZA # 01703B
Miniature Zebu $50/Straw Subras Dark Vader
AMZA # 00893B
756 Gircha AMZA # 00741C
P & D Ranch Fillmore YC2 "Shorty" Miniature Hereford $25/Straw 
$50 Cert

(Flush & Sexed Straws available)
LC Ozark Mtn Leo 7H03 PND Small Farms Ariel
KNF General Stan Waite  Miniature Hereford $50/Straw Ozark Mtn King H218 LC Ozark Mtn Queen H002
KNF Cibolo KF8 Miniature Hereford $50/Straw KAP Tic Tac Toe KF Molly Majesty
  South House Dapper Dan MJHB0083 A2/A2  Miniature Jersey $50/Straw  South House Just My Luck MJHB0023  K&K Rubex AJCA067203714
  Rush Farms' Kristoff Miniature Jersey $30/Straw Sure Shot Captain Morgan Dallas Tyler Mercedes
KNF Orlando Bennett  Mini Jersey $25/Straw Dexter Cornor Orlando #4256 MCBR NR125 Deal Organic Dairy's KNF Polly AMJ1093B

Please contact us for information and pricing on including your livestock in this listing.

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