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Sumo Cattle Co Seisakushu C221

Breed: Akaushi
DOB: 12/29/2007
Registered: FB12682

Price: $35/straw 
          with a 10 straw min


Translated as "The Creator", this moderately framed full blood Akaushi bull is a filled with front line genetics. He was sired by Hikari, a son of Dai 10 Mitsumaru over Kazutomo who was a combination of the famed Dai 2 Shigenami and Dai 10 Shigekawa lines. C221's second sire again ties to these two famous Akaushi lines through Shigemaru who was a son of Dai 2 Shigenami over a Dai 10 Shigekawa daughter. The second dam of this bull is the famed Dai 8 Marunami who was one of the original import dams of the breed to the U.S.

This bull not only boasts superior Akaushi genetics, but is also free of all known genetics disorders. C221 at 4 years old weighted 1402# and while being moderately framed still boasts excellent length and structural correctness. 

    DAI 10 Mitsumaru (FB424)
  Hikari (FB2455)  
    Kazutomo 92958 (FM425)
Sumo Cattle Co Seisakushu C221    
    Shigemaru (FB2124)
  TWA Onesan (FB12681)  
    DAI 8 Marunami J19461 (FB2454)

Contact Owner:

Y2 Wagyu
Josh Yarbrough
(405) 226-5187


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