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Primeline Z044
Breed: Wagyu
DOB: 05/15/2012
Registered: FB22154


Price: $15/Straw

Z044 is a 4 year old son of Itozurudoi TF 151 we have currently been using as a low birth weight and high marbling bull in our F1 program crossing Wagyu over registered Charolais and registered Brangus dams. 
Z044 is a power house of potent marbling genetics tracing to Itozurudoi TF 151, JVP Kikuyasu 400, JVP Fukutsuru 068, TF Kikuhana, Haruki II, and the famous foundation dam Okutani through Fujiko. 
He is extremely mild tempered and easy going yet has always covers open dams. He is guaranteed fertile. We will continue to use his genetics in our F1 program due to his low birth weight and extreme marbling. He is very potent as we collected 1000 units of semen in only 14 days. 
Z044 has full brothers currently being used by Primeline Genetics and Bruner Charolais crossing Wagyu x Charolais for terminal beef production. 
We currently have several F1 steers we are currently feeding out and will have carcass data available in the coming months. Several of his Wagyu x Charolais progeny are pictured to the left.
If you are looking for a mild tempered bull that is easy to handle yet will cover and work, this is the Wagyu bull for you
  Itozuru Doi  
Primeline Z044    
    JVP Kikuyasu-400
  KR Kiku-085  
    HR Koko 007

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Y2 Wagyu



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