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Y2 Kedakanami D031

Breed: Black Wagyu

Conventional Semen: $25

Female Sorted UltraSexed Semen: $200


Y2 Kedakanami D031 is a direct son of the highest Kedaka strain sire in the Black Wagyu breed paired with an Itoshigenami TF 148 direct daughter out of Chisholm Cattle Company, JC Ms Itoshigenami 010. Itoshigenami genetics are widely used in Australia and have set the standard for carcass performance through Mayura Itoshigenami Jr, Coates Itoshigenami G113, and many more. D031 has displayed excellent growth and structure in F1, F2, and fullblood Wagyu progeny and we attribute much of this to his Kedaka/Tottori heritage with is known to possess higher growth, faster maturity, and superior maternal qualities. D031 is rotationally bred to maintain carcass performance containing mainstays of the Wagyu breed known for carcass performance including Itoshigenami, Takazakura, Michifuku, Haruki II, and Okutani. Y2 Kedakanami D031 is tested free of all recessive genetic disorders and has a coefficient of inbreeding of 1%. 



Contact Owner:

Joshua Yarbrough

Y2 Wagyu

More information: www.y2wagyu.com



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