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LF Ranch Bull 415 "Ripper"

The 2010 NACA Premier Breeder, LF Ranch, has bred corriente cattle for over a decade. We pride ourselves on raising not only a uniform herd, but also one that performs in the arena. We put our cattle to the test for endurance, not only in our own pen, but in many professional team roping pens as well; one being Luke Brown, 3X NFR Average Winner, Header and 10X consecutive NFR Qualifier. The herd has also shown success in the bull dogging as well. Everything here has earned its place to be on the ranch, just like LF Ranch Bull 415. Being from a multi award winning herd, he and others are continuing the proven genetics we have strived for and worked so many years to produce. 
LF Ranch Bull 415, known as Ripper, is recognized for big bases, a beautiful horn set, and an athletic ability. His easy dispostion is passed on to his offspring, making them easy to handle, move from place to place, and the heart to perform. With his award winning Grand Sire Cates Bull 279* and top producing Grand Dam Cates Cow 806, he is part of an unforgettable line of the very best corriente cattle. 

Breed: Corriente
DOB: 2-10-14
Registered: 72872
Price: $62
Domestic & Exportable semen to Canada, Brazil & South America.
    Cates Bull 279*
  LF Ranch Bull 920  
    Cates Cow 806
LF Ranch Bull 415 "Ripper"    
    Cates Bull 001*
  Cates Cow 667  
    Cates Cow 172

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Champion Genetics
18035 FM 17
Canton, TX 75103


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