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JVS Big Al E58 ET
2019 Houston Grand Champion Akaushi Bull

Breed: Wagyu
Domestic Conventional
Semen: $35

4.2 mil Female Ultrasexed Semen: $200


American Wagyu Association: FB37061
American Akaushi Association: (Pending)
B3F, CHSF, CL16F, F11F
Coefficient of Inbreeding: 9%
100% Fullblood Akaushi

JVS Big Al E58 ET is a phenotypic powerhouse and everything we come to expect out of a direct Heartbrand Big Al son. The balance and structure of HB Big Al is on full display here. Where this pedigree truly turns interesting is through the dam's pedigree. The dam of JVS E58 is ROA Miss Shige who is the full sister to VBV ROA Red Galaxy. Other full siblings to JVS E58's dam include VBV ROA Akahime who was the high selling Akaushi heifer of the 2012 TWA Steaks are High sale selling for $44,000. Additional full sibling and half sibling standouts include VBV ROA Akabana, VBV ROA Akabashi, IWG Ms Judo 82Z, ROA Kalanga Star of Maru, FAC Big Al, and BSF Prince Albert. This dam line pedigree is steeped with performance. JVS Big Al E58 ET is stacked with phenotypic excellence on both sides of the pedigree and he displays this in person. We are very excited to offer semen packages on this outstanding bull for both domestic production or custom international collections. 


Contact Owner:

Joshua Yarbrough
Y2 Wagyu
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