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GC Classic Star 9U8A1

Classic Star is a performance bull being used in ET, AI and Natural breeding. He's extremely long and correct with a puppy like attitude. He's sired by OnStar, the show bull producer that is also backed by Jethro and the 924 cow.
His dam is one of the best known 9U8 Csonka females, producing $100,000 in sales and still in the donor program.
GC Classic Star's first calves are nearing weaning and like his sire, he's producing show calves with performance. Classic should add length of body to his calves with correctness and style while maintain performance. Much like his brother, Texas Star, his calves should have the highly desired traits of docility.
Breed: Brangus
DOB: 10/6/2012
Registered: R10237166
BW: 84 lbs/103 ratio ET
WW: 772 lbs/114 ratio Top 20%
YW: 1381lbs- Top 30%

Price $15/Straw

EPD's Fall 2013
EPD:  4.2 1.7  33  57   1.30  0.47  .007  0.17
Acc  0.24  0.35  0.30  0.25  0.16  0.20  .19  0.18
% Rank                
    MC Jethro 00S3 
  MC OnStar 924W4  
    Miss NMSU 924
GC Classic Star 9U8A1    
    Csonka of Brinks 30R4
  Ms Csonka 9U8U3  
    Miss 4L Best Bet 9U8P5


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